Why Scott Eastwood Believes In Being Old-School – And Living By The Sea

RISING There are some sick cars in Overdrive – was driving them part of the appeal?

SCOTT EASTWOOD ‘Making this movie and getting to drive some of those cars – including a Bugatti Type 57 and a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO – was like a dream come true.’

RISING There are a lot of pretty wild stunts in the film. Did you get to do many of them yourself?

SE ‘I did most of the stunts myself. Anytime I do a movie I want to do as much of the stunt work as I can, because it makes the film so much more authentic.’

RISING Did you do the one where you leap onto a moving truck off a highway bridge?

SE ‘Yes! I loved doing that, although it was pretty scary if I think about it now – that was probably the most dangerous stunt I've ever done but it was very carefully planned out and so I wasn't that worried about anything going wrong.’

RISING No matter what you do, you will always be compared to your father, Clint – is that less of an issue these days?

SE ‘I’m very proud to be his son. He’s always been a great role model for me and he taught me to stand on my own and never expect handouts from him. My dad is very old-fashioned and old-school when it comes to discipline. He taught me basic things like the value of hard work, dedication to whatever you choose to do in life, and to stand up for yourself and be a man. When I was younger, I didn't always appreciate that, but it made me much tougher and more self-reliant. You also learn more self-respect if you’re forced to make your own way and not expect favours from people.’

‘The only way you really learn about yourself is when you’re forced to work hard’

RISING How did your dad’s no-bullshit philosophy influence you?

SE ‘He was someone who expected you to earn your own way in life. He could have made my life very easy but he knew that that would have been the worst thing he could have done. No-one ever gave him anything when he was making his way in life and he expects you to have the same attitude. My dad believes that the only way you really learn about yourself is when you’re forced to work hard and deal with adversity on your own. Even when I would ask him if I could work on some of his films, he would still make me audition for every part.’

RISING You're known as one of the fittest actors in the business – where did that come from?

SE ‘I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of being very fit. My dad set a great example for me because he has always lifted weights and gone running several times a week for practically his entire life. I would love to be in as good a shape as my dad is when I’m 87!’

RISING You don’t just hit the gym though – what sports do you do?

SE ‘I’ve always loved surfing and over the years I’ve gotten into Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. I love pushing myself whenever I’m training in the gym or doing any kind of sport – it clears your head. I once lived in Australia and that was one of the best experiences of my life. Spending time there got me to appreciate the beauty of being out in nature and living very simply. That’s why I’ve been living in San Diego and not LA for a long time now, because I have this feeling of freedom that comes from not being so close to the film industry and all the bullshit that comes with the business.’

‘Living close to the ocean gives me a sense of calm – that’s very important’

RISING What did you get from growing up in Hawaii?

SE ‘My mom has lived on the big island in Hawaii for nearly 25 years and I grew up there and went to school there. I still think of Hawaii as home for me. Growing up near the sea has shaped my life in a lot of respects and that’s why living in San Diego gives me that same feeling of living close to the ocean. It gives me a sense of calm that is very important to me. The ocean has always played a huge part in my life.’

RISING Your career is just taking off now. What kind of movies would you like to do looking down the road?

SE ‘I’m interesting in telling good stories. I don’t have any one preference when it comes to film genres – I like being able to do fun popcorn movies as much as meaningful movies. I would like to do a love story and I have a big sci-fi movie coming out next year – Pacific Rim: Uprising. At some point I also want to get behind the camera. I’m still waiting for the right story but that’s definitely something I'm going to do.’

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