Use These MMA TRX Moves To Train Your Muscles Just Like A UFC Fighter

Octagon battlers like Conor McGregor train movement patterns as much as muscles, because it’s not the size of the guns in the fight, it’s how they fire that wins the battle…

Walk into an MMA training session and you’ll see more than dudes doing press-ups – turning your body into a weapon requires exercises that mimic movements you’ll be doing in the ring. Fighters like Georges St-Pierre are down on record as using suspension trainers to strengthen their cores, while training the muscles to deliver fight-specific moves.

‘TRX Training involves using the body as an integrated system to challenge the entire body in every plane of motion – it requires that you brace and stabilise with your abs, obliques and lower back so you can leverage your own bodyweight as resistance,’ says TRX Master Trainer Matt Gleed. So it’s a safe bet that Conor McGregor is no slouch at this training either – after all everything goes through your core in a fight – lose that strength and you’re done.

To train like a UFC superstar try this workout of six moves, designed by Matt Gleed to train body and mind to deliver perfect technique, opponent-destroying strength and warrior abs…

1. TRX Burpee

The Move It Mimics: High Knee Block

Why It’s Killer: ‘Not just beneficial for high-speed metabolic conditioning; hip mobility, single-leg strength and power, core strength and upper-body explosiveness are all at work,’ says Matt Gleed.

How To Do It:

2. TRX Clock Pull

The Move It Mimics: Spinning Back Fist

Why It’s Killer: ‘This engages and strengthens the shoulder muscles very effectively. It’s a low impact move that will strengthen your rotator cuff and deltoid muscles.’

How To Do It:

3. TRX Clutch Curl

The Move It Mimics: Rear Naked Choke

Why It’s Killer: ‘The grabbing motion puts your upper-body muscles under tension, especially the biceps and deltoids as you grip tightly and pull your body upwards.’

How To Do It:

4. TRX Crossing Balance Lunge with Knee Drive

The Move It Mimics: Knee To The Gut

Why It’s Killer: ‘Great for building single-leg strength and core stability by utilising unilateral lower-body movement. The knee drive helps explosiveness and works your hip flexor and hamstrings.’

How To Do It:

5. TRX Power Pull

The Move It Mimics: ‘Superman’ Punch

Why It’s Killer: ‘Challenging but helps develop strong, powerful back and shoulder muscles by forcing you to use a full range of motion to complete the rep – muscles are working hard under tension.’

How To Do It:

6. TRX Spiderman Press-Up

The Move It Mimics: Low Leg Drive

Why It’s Killer: The instability caused by the TRX increases the difficulty of this move as you engage your core, chest and shoulders. With only one leg in the Suspension Trainer, you’ll even feel a burn in your supporting leg.’

How To Do It:

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