‘Midway’ Star Nick Jonas Loves Golf – It Even Helped Him Overcome Anxiety

Nick Jonas is about to fly into your local multiplex as a US Navy pilot in the $100 million movie blockbuster ‘Midway’. Despite dropping bombs in the arenas of music and movies, RSNG discovered that it’s golf that may really light the 27-year-old’s fire, from Pro-Am tournaments to trick shots. In fact, the Texan even credits it with helping to come back from a dark place, where he was convinced his career was over at the age of 21…

RSNG Why is Midway more than just a war film? NICK JONAS, ACTOR & MUSICIAN ‘I think it attaches itself to the dogged spirit that has to be there during wartime. Sure, it’s a movie about warfare, planes, artillery, explosions… but there is also a real human story in there, and it’s a movie that looks to paint the emotions of those fighters who had to go all the way in what was a major battle during World War II.’

‘I have said in the past, that value of home is so important to all of us – it is our family, our wives, and parents, our siblings. War brings out those emotions in all of us because the desire is to get back some sense of peace and freedom and calm that we have lost, and that’s why films like these are so powerful.’

‘It’s a really wonderful think about – it’s not the pursuit of something you haven’t got, like a lot of things in life. Instead, it’s the pursuit of normality.’

RSNG Through Jumanji, UglyDolls and more, your sideways movement into film looks to be complete? NJ ‘I think I’ve been lucky with both the projects I’ve gone after, as well as those that have come my way. We know how this industry works and I think there’s a lot of being in the right place at the right time.’

‘I think it’s nice to be mixing genres as well – Midway is something really strong and powerful. When you are putting a real event into art you have to want to do it justice or there is just no point, so I am pleased with how things have evolved.’

I have this neat trick where I can throw the ball onto the putt and whip it over my head and it almost always goes into the hole

RSNG So, what do you do when you get a bit of spare time to yourself? NJ ‘I like to play golf. In fact, I absolutely love golf and I don’t think I could imagine my life without playing golf. Getting out in the warm, fresh air and hitting a few balls – there is something very calming in that.’

‘I always like to practice my golf tricks, as well. I have this neat trick where I can throw the ball onto the putt and whip it over my head and it almost always goes into the hole. I should really do this instead of my usual putting technique, haha!’

RSNG Other than just playing golf with your brothers or your friends, you have played in a few charity events and Pro-Ams? NJ ‘Yeah, I love to play in the foundation and charity events and really do my bit to give back to a world that gives a lot to me. So, when there is a charity golf event, I will always try my best to be available, if I’m not on tour or working on a movie.’

‘It’s such a great feeling to be able to give back, and especially to causes which I am passionate about. I will always support friends who are organising events, even if I can’t be there in person.’

RSNG Do you prefer the Pro-Ams or a quiet round of golf by yourself? NJ ‘The Pro-Ams have been amazing. To play with other non-pro golfers and also with the professionals is a buzz, and it’s good to see where your game is at. It’s good to be able to challenge others who are on the same level, or even better than you.’

‘The respect you gain for professional golfers is really on a different level when you see them playing with your own eyes. The TV cameras can make even the most difficult shots appear easy, and it can be quite humbling being around these incredible stars of the sport.’

‘I also like the challenge of the really good courses. It’s very different from doing something on a normal course.’

What has been your best golf experience? NJ ‘Probably playing with Jordan Spieth in a Sony Pro-Am in Honolulu last year. He is a terrific guy and takes even charity events seriously. You can see there is a real desire to win there… in fact, it’s as much a desire not to lose, and not to have an opponent get one over on him. You can see that mentality in every shot.’

In my head I had anxiety, fear, regret, worry… all those emotions that can destroy you from the inside

RSNG Did golf provide a nice outlet when you decided to take a career break? NJ ‘If I’m honest it was a worrying time for me, and I’m sure being able to get out and hit the ball really brought me back to a place mentally where I could look at things in isolation. The reality is I honestly thought I was finished professionally – and that was at the age of 21.’

‘In my head I had anxiety, fear, regret, worry… all those emotions that can destroy you from the inside, and there were days when I felt they were destroying me.’

‘It would be a bit extreme perhaps to say golf saved me from a crisis of confidence at that point, but detachment from the daily stresses that I was going through certainly enabled me to refocus and that was a real turning point for me.’

‘I look at what I have now – a new career, a wonderful wife, a good life… and I still have my golf as well!’

RSNG As someone known for having a sense of style, what do you make of golf course fashion? NJ ‘I can see how it has evolved to the point it’s at today, and I try to respect what courses demand of you in terms of dress-code and golfing etiquette. I admit some of it is a bit wayward in terms of what I would wear in any other situation – I don’t think trainers with suit trousers is a particularly good look!’

‘If it was down to me I’d probably spend my life playing golf in shorts and flip-flops, but there aren’t many courses that will let you get away with that!’

Could you ever make a choice between acting and making music or are you happy with the way things are? JONAS: ’I don’t ever want to reach a phase in my life where I have to make a choice between acting and singing. I could never give up music and I love acting as well, and I wouldn’t like to have to compromise on either.’

‘What I know is, if you don’t take enjoyment from something in any walk of life, how can anyone expect you to put in total commitment?’

WHAT NEXT? Watch the trailer for Midway, starring Nick Jonas, Ed Skrein and Patrick Wilson, in movie theatres 5th November.